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How to Stop and Breathe Every Day

THEEkenen breathe 2
I feel happy with a paintbrush in my hand.
I feel happy with a pair of scissors in my hand.
I feel happy with a pencil in my hand.

I know it sounds really simple.
And it is.
I feel happy when I create.
It really is that simple.

Creating makes me forget time, forget worries, forget fear.
And ever though I know this, in my heart, in my soul and in my bones,
I find that it is also very easy to forget.

To get caught up in the business of every day.
To think there will be time to draw and paint tonight,
or tomorrow,
or next weekend.

And the more I think that, the less time there seems to be
and the more dust will pile up on my sketchbooks.

A little over a year ago a found myself at home with a burnout
and during my recovery I read something that
really resonated with me:

When you don’t have time to rest, breathe and drink a cup of tea –
that’s when you need it most.

Combining my need for rest and retreating and coming back to myself
I tried to paint every day.
It didn’t work.
For whatever reason.
Too complicated.
To many supplies needed.
Or: not MY way.

Then I tried to journal every day.
It didn’t work.
Same problem.
Not my way.

And then I grabbed a simple grey pencil.
And a small sketchbook I had recently bought.
I took an empty teacup and used it to draw a circle on the page.
Then I made myself a cup of tea, crawled in the corner of my couch and started drawing.

When I finally paused,
5 sketchbooks and 2,5 months later
I knew I had found my practice.

THEEkenen is simple.
THEEkenen is MY way.

THEEkenen is not about beauty,
about learning how to draw,
about creating art or meaning.

THEEkenen is about taking up space in your day.
About carving out time every single day to take care of you.
About taking the time to breathe.

THEEkenen is not meant to convince you that you need to draw every day.
THEEkenen is meant to let you experience
the joy of rest and relaxation and creating
and coming back to yourself – every single day.

I don’t know what kind of ritual will be the right one for you.
But I hope you will join us to play, draw, breathe,
discover and drink tea in THEEkenen 2.

Orange Adventure: Late Rembrandt

A few weeks ago I went to the “Late Rembrandt” exhibition in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I knew the Nightwatch of course. I had seen other works of Rembrandt before. I had visited the Rembrandt House a couple of times.

Seeing so many of his later works together however, made a real impression on me. Seeing these famous works is real life is nothing compared to seeing an image of them in a book of on my computer screen. It’s is SO much BETTER.

2015 Rijksmuseum 1

I loved seeing the brushstrokes – I SO wanted to touch them!
The texture of the canvas
the light
and the glitter.

OK, no, I haven’t gone mad. I know he didn’t use glitter but oil paint, however, the effect is the same.
Some paintings just shine and glimmer.

They feel alive. And since it’s impossible to show this effect in a photo, this is just a picture of me posing with a Playmobil doll of one of the characters from the Nightwatch.

2015 Rijksmuseum 2

Make Art

Make art.
That’s what it said on the wall.

2015 Make Art 1

Make art.
Make art.
Make art every day.
Fall in love with creating.
In every way that feels right.
In every way that feels like you.
Create for the sole purpose of finding joy in the process.
Of finding you in the paint.
Of finding you in the glue.

However, that’s not all there was on the wall.

2015 Make Art 2

At first this seemed really illogical to me.

I need money.
To eat.
To pay for my house.
To pay for my paint.

So why not make art to make money?
Why not use my passion to help with my needs.

And then I remembered.
“Jump in Puddles”.
The first 21 Secrets workshop I hosted two years ago.
Jump in Puddles was all about how I got stuck when I first started this business.
All I did was try to create examples for workshops.
I created for other people.
I stopped creating for myself.
I stopped creating for joy.

(Jump in Puddles – getting OUT of feeling stuck is now available on my website: HERE).

And I realized:
For me, creation, has everything to do with freedom.

I create.
Because I want to.
Whatever I want to.
Whenever I want to.
However I want to.

And if that inspires others: yay!
And if it doesn’t inspire you: keep looking for what will.
In the meantime: I create.

For me.

So yes:

Make art.
Not for money.
But for joy.

If you’re interested in joining me for the NEW 21 Secrets: it starts in April 1st, check it out HERE.

Proefkonijnen gezocht!

Sorry everyone, I am organizing a test run for my new workshop in my studio at the Fort in Weesp – therefore everything below is in Dutch. If you’d like to join me in a workshop, please look HERE or HERE.

Ik ben bezig met een nieuwe workshop.
De grootste, mooiste en stralendste tot nu toe.

En ik zou heel graag een stukje daarvan willen uitproberen.
Vandaar deze oproep:

Ik zoek proefkonijnen!

2015 03 Slider Proefkonijnen

Alle info:
Wanneer: Zondag 29 maart
Waar: Fort Ossenmarkt Weesp
Tijd: 11.00 – 16.00 u.
Kosten: 20 euro (inclusief koffie/thee, lekkers, alle materialen en een eenvoudige lunch)
Meenemen: zin (en verder niets, ook geen ervaring)

Heb je zin om te komen?
Mail me!

kim (at)

Liefs, Kim

PS: Ik doe weer mee aan 21 Secrets. We beginnen op 1 april – heb je zin om mee te doen, kijk dan HIER.

White Face, White Space

Last Tuesday I got sick.
Cold, warm, fever – I am sure you know the feeling :).
It was nothing serious, but it did make my world suddenly a lot smaller.
My bed, the couch, that was about it.

And I must say, being sick isn’t always that bad.
No, I didn’t go crazy and yes, the fever is really gone – let me explain:
Being sick for a few days helps you to take a break.

Well, actually, it forces you to.

And it helps.
It helps making your world a little smaller.
It helps you realize that not everything on your to-do-list is really that necessary.
It helps to see that the world will keep turning without you.
And it helps when people reach out and tell you they miss you…
It helps with choosing your priorities.
It helps with returning to your core.

And when I started feeling a little better,
even though my face in the mirror was still white as a sheet,
I read an article about white space.

White space is the ‘white space’ you see on a book page.
The space between the words, the sentences and the stories.
If the words would fill every corner of the page, then yes, the paper would be used very efficiently.

But… would it still be easy to read the story?

It would not.
If would take more effort, more concentration.
You would sooner be tempted to put the book aside.

And life works in the same way.
Don’t add any white space and your life will feel just as exhausting as reading that book would make you feel.

If you want, think about:
How do you add white space to your life?
When do you take time to breathe?
When do you take time to play?

All my love, Kim

Want more white?
Join me in:

Creative Fitness WHITE

WHITEWelcome to a NEW Creative Fitness: WHITE!

After Creative Fitness 1 – 9, The Creative Fitness E-BOOK, YELLOW and Orange, I thought it was time for a more wintery color.

So I turned my favorite assignment in Creative Fitness into a workshop.

Are you just as interested to see how many lessons I can come up with about WHITE?

Then join me in January!

All the Details:

Start: January 15, 2014
End: Februari 4, 2015
Number of Lessons: 21
Price: 25 euro / 30 USD

Join us HERE!

000 WHITEUntitledfdvsfd

Why today?

Why today?

Why today, when I have such exciting news to tell you?

Why today, when I want to tell you I have finally translated my love for the children in my classroom into a workshop,
a new workshop
a 21 Secrets workshop
(YES! YAY!! I’m teaching in 21 Secrets again!!!)


Little Rays of Sunshine

Why then, today of all days, do I hear one of my sweeties say to his friend:

You do realize miss Kim is from way back when, right?
She is from the past.
I know, because she is really, really old.

Little Rays of Sunshine, right, sure, grrrrrrr 😉 😉 😉

Well, if you’re still interested…….
go here:

21 SECRETS Spring 2015 Round


YAY!! I am teaching again in:


On Listening

I felt guilty today.
If you had walked into my classroom you would have seen me just sit there.

I wasn’t teaching a child the letter ‘k’.
I wasn’t teaching a child the difference between a circle and a square.
I wasn’t ……

I sat.
And I watched.

And without telling you about any of the children,
I can only say something in my class felt “off”.
Not just right.
The flow in my classroom felt interrupted.
And it needed my attention.

But instead of coming up with a plan right away,
I found this book in my bookcase
that remembered me of something very important.
Listen to what is going on.
Without thinking you know the answer beforehand.

Being a teacher is not just pouring your knowledge
out over the children’s heads all day.
It’s not just sharing with them everything you know. 2014-10-19 20.08.01a
It’s not fixing every situation by myself.
Because I didn’t need to.

Because when I saw what was really going on,
it took me only one simple adjustment,
And one simple talk,
And we were back in flow.

I listened.
Just like I listen to myself.

Every night.
When I draw.

Every night I take 15 minutes to draw.

15 minutes to listen.
15 minutes to go inward.
15 minutes to draw my way back to myself again.

I have noticed these 15 minutes become more and more important to me. I need them.
Without them I keep running around like (as they say in the Netherlands) a headless chicken.
I act,
But without connection to my heart and my soul.

With them I come back to myself every night.
I connect my head, with my heart using my hands.
The very basics of “Creative Fitness”.
Only this time with just a pencil and a piece of paper.

Wanna try?
Join me!

We start November 10th.
You can join us HERE.



It’s scary.

2014-10-19 20.05.35aa

It’s very scary to throw a new workshop out there.

To share your most recent learning process with the world.
To share your inner wisdom with the world.

To try and find the words for what you know to be true.
To have the courage to speak these words out loud.

But when one,
only one
takes the time
out of her busy life
and tells you how much it meant to her
that I actually had the courage
to speak up
it was all worth it.

And I am so grateful she took the time to let me know.