So much more than Pink

It’s more than just silliness.
It’s more than just pink.
It’s more than just fun.

It’s water.
It’s food.

This workshop is about one thing:
What you feed grows.

This past year has been filled with laughter, strength, warmth and joy.

But it has also been filled with tears, loss and anger.

This summer is for me.
To reconnect to what is real.
To reconnect to what is important.
To create a fresh start.

That is why Flamingo Fitness isn’t just about fun,
and isn’t just about acting silly.
It’s about feeding that spark inside of me.
It’s about feeding my heart and feeding my soul,
until they burst with joy.

This is not a workshop.
This is not me teaching you skills.
This is about us, together, enjoying the summer.
Connecting with like-minded souls from all over the world.

I need that.
Do you?

Flamingo Fitness is soft en silly and sweet and refreshing.
It’s lessons – send to you in PDF’s – will be letters, from me to you.

In them, I will show you how I feed my spark.
In them, I will invite you to do the same.

Here are some quick details:
Flamingo Fitness
July 18th – august 28th
Costs: 11 USD/EURO

More info can be found on




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