Writing with Umbrellas & Igniting the Sun

These past couple of days have been really strange.

I feel like something has shifted.

The sadness I feel over losing a friend
and the pain I feel for her loved-ones,
go side by side
with a feeling of incredible lightness.

I have tears in my eyes,
but on my face a smile keeps appearing.
My heart is hurting and loving at the same time.

I am lost for words and yet
I can’t seem to stop writing.

I feel like time and space have faded.
I am here –
and at the same time I am 5000 miles away
sitting and painting with my friends.

I have the whole day to work and play –
and at the same time
I am reminded of the fact
it could be over in just a second.

And the freedom that comes from that
is almost too much to handle.

Inside me, something is moving.

Inside me, something is breaking free.

I feel an urge.
An urge to play.
An urge to create.

And most of all
an urge to love.

I keep reading Kimberly’s words and I keep looking at her art.
And the words she spoke
at the end of one of her video interviews
keep circling in my head,
keep stirring my soul.

When in doubt: love.

When in doubt: love.

When in doubt: love.

I need to act on these words.
They call to my soul.
They won’t let go.
They are here to stay.

They are a call into action.

And I am listening.
It’s not even a question of whether I want to or not.

I am listening.
I am writing.
I am breathing.
I am loving.


I am offering.

I am offering a new project.

It is my gift to you.
And my promise to myself.

At the moment this offering is nothing more than a starting point.
A true believe in this shifting I am feeling.
A commitment to the process.
A declaration of trusting this path.

It’s a new home for my soul.
An open studio for my tiny tribe.

There are stories I want to share.
And questions I want to ask.
And there is love.

Everything else will find its way.

Please, if you are touched by this in any way,

join me in:

Umbrella 08

And yes, I WILL explain that title.

But for now,
all I am asking is for you to join me.

Join me if this speaks to you.

Join me to love yourself.
Join me to come alive.
Join me to love the world.
Join me to celebrate life.

Join me here:

Umbrella 08

All my love,
From my wide open heart,


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Lovely comments

  1. That was very powerful and touching Kim. Thank you <3

  2. Kim, This was powerful and beautiful and had me crying all at the same time. Just like in the poem, joy and sadness and hope too.

    Love you,


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