The last day

Inside 3Today is the last day of THEEkenen 2.

That means that for 30 days I have guided a group of wonderfully creative women into making daily drawings. Not because I wanted to teach them how to draw, but because the THEEkenen process supports you in finding a daily moment of peace for yourself.

Some time to breathe.
Some time to rest.

I haven’t made a single drawing in these 30 days.

All I have been doing is coloring.
And I can’t wait to tell you why.

If I am completely honest: for me, THEEkenen didn’t start at my first THEEkening.
For me, THEEkenen started with coloring.

Last year, just before the summer vacation, one of the children in my class gave me a going away present. A coloring book. So sweet!

Now I must admit that I don’t really like things that are ‘IN’ at the moment – if everyone is doing it, why bother – but pretty soon I noticed that I actually loved to color.

I loved it so much that the coloring book became an inspiration source for my own drawings – and I colored those too.
Slowly they became a book ,
and another book,
they started to appear in my journals
and eventually turned into THEEkenen.

However, while my wonderful THEEkenen Tribe spend this past month drawing, I went back to my first coloring book.

Because, even thought I had finished most of the coloring pages, I had a feeling I wasn’t quite finished with it.

And I wasn’t.

Because the pages missed a little ME.

Slowly, page by page, I turned the book into a Kim-book, a creative journal, a play-book. And I used other coloring pages to create small gifts and other juice items.

And like almost anything else I do, I turned my own creative process into a workshop:

Inside 4

In ‘Inside the Lines’ I will show many different ways of adding a little YOU, a little more meaning and a little more play to the pages.
I will also show you how to recycle and ‘upcycle’ :) your pages.

‘Inside the Lines’ is absolutly NOT the kind of intensive workshop that Creative Fitness or THEEkenen have been.

During the 6 weeks you will receive 12 lessons, so 2 a week.  You see, I am in the mood for something small & easy & colorful – I want you to have enough time for your coloring – and your life :).

If you are interested in joining this is what you need to know:

Time: 6 weeksInside 6
Start: May 25th
End: July 4th
Lesson: 2 Lessons a week, so 12 in total
Price: 15 USD (or 25 USD if you sign up with a friend)

There will be a private Facebookgroup for this workshop, inspiration on a Pinterest Board and I will also send you some coloring pages.
You’ll be able to download all the PDF’s, so you can access them forever.

Please note that I will not be teaching you any coloring techniques.
This will be an easy and fun workshop, about the things you can do with your colored pages.

If you have any questions, please email me at kim(at)

And if you are ready to get started – sign up here:

Sign up HERE

Yes, I want to color INSIDE the lines!

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