How to Stop and Breathe Every Day

THEEkenen breathe 2
I feel happy with a paintbrush in my hand.
I feel happy with a pair of scissors in my hand.
I feel happy with a pencil in my hand.

I know it sounds really simple.
And it is.
I feel happy when I create.
It really is that simple.

Creating makes me forget time, forget worries, forget fear.
And ever though I know this, in my heart, in my soul and in my bones,
I find that it is also very easy to forget.

To get caught up in the business of every day.
To think there will be time to draw and paint tonight,
or tomorrow,
or next weekend.

And the more I think that, the less time there seems to be
and the more dust will pile up on my sketchbooks.

A little over a year ago a found myself at home with a burnout
and during my recovery I read something that
really resonated with me:

When you don’t have time to rest, breathe and drink a cup of tea –
that’s when you need it most.

Combining my need for rest and retreating and coming back to myself
I tried to paint every day.
It didn’t work.
For whatever reason.
Too complicated.
To many supplies needed.
Or: not MY way.

Then I tried to journal every day.
It didn’t work.
Same problem.
Not my way.

And then I grabbed a simple grey pencil.
And a small sketchbook I had recently bought.
I took an empty teacup and used it to draw a circle on the page.
Then I made myself a cup of tea, crawled in the corner of my couch and started drawing.

When I finally paused,
5 sketchbooks and 2,5 months later
I knew I had found my practice.

THEEkenen is simple.
THEEkenen is MY way.

THEEkenen is not about beauty,
about learning how to draw,
about creating art or meaning.

THEEkenen is about taking up space in your day.
About carving out time every single day to take care of you.
About taking the time to breathe.

THEEkenen is not meant to convince you that you need to draw every day.
THEEkenen is meant to let you experience
the joy of rest and relaxation and creating
and coming back to yourself – every single day.

I don’t know what kind of ritual will be the right one for you.
But I hope you will join us to play, draw, breathe,
discover and drink tea in THEEkenen 2.

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