Orange Adventure: Late Rembrandt

A few weeks ago I went to the “Late Rembrandt” exhibition in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I knew the Nightwatch of course. I had seen other works of Rembrandt before. I had visited the Rembrandt House a couple of times.

Seeing so many of his later works together however, made a real impression on me. Seeing these famous works is real life is nothing compared to seeing an image of them in a book of on my computer screen. It’s is SO much BETTER.

2015 Rijksmuseum 1

I loved seeing the brushstrokes – I SO wanted to touch them!
The texture of the canvas
the light
and the glitter.

OK, no, I haven’t gone mad. I know he didn’t use glitter but oil paint, however, the effect is the same.
Some paintings just shine and glimmer.

They feel alive. And since it’s impossible to show this effect in a photo, this is just a picture of me posing with a Playmobil doll of one of the characters from the Nightwatch.

2015 Rijksmuseum 2

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