Make Art

Make art.
That’s what it said on the wall.

2015 Make Art 1

Make art.
Make art.
Make art every day.
Fall in love with creating.
In every way that feels right.
In every way that feels like you.
Create for the sole purpose of finding joy in the process.
Of finding you in the paint.
Of finding you in the glue.

However, that’s not all there was on the wall.

2015 Make Art 2

At first this seemed really illogical to me.

I need money.
To eat.
To pay for my house.
To pay for my paint.

So why not make art to make money?
Why not use my passion to help with my needs.

And then I remembered.
“Jump in Puddles”.
The first 21 Secrets workshop I hosted two years ago.
Jump in Puddles was all about how I got stuck when I first started this business.
All I did was try to create examples for workshops.
I created for other people.
I stopped creating for myself.
I stopped creating for joy.

(Jump in Puddles – getting OUT of feeling stuck is now available on my website: HERE).

And I realized:
For me, creation, has everything to do with freedom.

I create.
Because I want to.
Whatever I want to.
Whenever I want to.
However I want to.

And if that inspires others: yay!
And if it doesn’t inspire you: keep looking for what will.
In the meantime: I create.

For me.

So yes:

Make art.
Not for money.
But for joy.

If you’re interested in joining me for the NEW 21 Secrets: it starts in April 1st, check it out HERE.

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