White Face, White Space

Last Tuesday I got sick.
Cold, warm, fever – I am sure you know the feeling :).
It was nothing serious, but it did make my world suddenly a lot smaller.
My bed, the couch, that was about it.

And I must say, being sick isn’t always that bad.
No, I didn’t go crazy and yes, the fever is really gone – let me explain:
Being sick for a few days helps you to take a break.

Well, actually, it forces you to.

And it helps.
It helps making your world a little smaller.
It helps you realize that not everything on your to-do-list is really that necessary.
It helps to see that the world will keep turning without you.
And it helps when people reach out and tell you they miss you…
It helps with choosing your priorities.
It helps with returning to your core.

And when I started feeling a little better,
even though my face in the mirror was still white as a sheet,
I read an article about white space.

White space is the ‘white space’ you see on a book page.
The space between the words, the sentences and the stories.
If the words would fill every corner of the page, then yes, the paper would be used very efficiently.

But… would it still be easy to read the story?

It would not.
If would take more effort, more concentration.
You would sooner be tempted to put the book aside.

And life works in the same way.
Don’t add any white space and your life will feel just as exhausting as reading that book would make you feel.

If you want, think about:
How do you add white space to your life?
When do you take time to breathe?
When do you take time to play?

All my love, Kim

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