On Listening

I felt guilty today.
If you had walked into my classroom you would have seen me just sit there.

I wasn’t teaching a child the letter ‘k’.
I wasn’t teaching a child the difference between a circle and a square.
I wasn’t ……

I sat.
And I watched.

And without telling you about any of the children,
I can only say something in my class felt “off”.
Not just right.
The flow in my classroom felt interrupted.
And it needed my attention.

But instead of coming up with a plan right away,
I found this book in my bookcase
that remembered me of something very important.
Listen to what is going on.
Without thinking you know the answer beforehand.

Being a teacher is not just pouring your knowledge
out over the children’s heads all day.
It’s not just sharing with them everything you know. 2014-10-19 20.08.01a
It’s not fixing every situation by myself.
Because I didn’t need to.

Because when I saw what was really going on,
it took me only one simple adjustment,
And one simple talk,
And we were back in flow.

I listened.
Just like I listen to myself.

Every night.
When I draw.

Every night I take 15 minutes to draw.

15 minutes to listen.
15 minutes to go inward.
15 minutes to draw my way back to myself again.

I have noticed these 15 minutes become more and more important to me. I need them.
Without them I keep running around like (as they say in the Netherlands) a headless chicken.
I act,
But without connection to my heart and my soul.

With them I come back to myself every night.
I connect my head, with my heart using my hands.
The very basics of “Creative Fitness”.
Only this time with just a pencil and a piece of paper.

Wanna try?
Join me!

We start November 10th.
You can join us HERE.


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  1. What a wonderful and very timely message to read. Thank you 😉

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