It’s scary.

2014-10-19 20.05.35aa

It’s very scary to throw a new workshop out there.

To share your most recent learning process with the world.
To share your inner wisdom with the world.

To try and find the words for what you know to be true.
To have the courage to speak these words out loud.

But when one,
only one
takes the time
out of her busy life
and tells you how much it meant to her
that I actually had the courage
to speak up
it was all worth it.

And I am so grateful she took the time to let me know.

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Lovely comments

  1. Oh dear Kim, my life us too busy at the moment, too busy to say that your workshop looks beautiful! Too busy to think of taking on one more workshop.
    Thank you for the reminder to never be so busy I haven’t got time I at least acknowledge the beauty around me.
    Good luck with your new workshop and I hope next year you run it again when I have created more space in my life xxx

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