On forgetting

Last week I was creating a gift for a friend who just had a baby. I bought this awesomely cute bunny and tied a tag around his neck. The tag is stamped with stamps I carved myself. When I was finished I sat at my table for a couple of minutes with a cup of tea. While I looked at all the stamps, carving tools, ink pads and erasers (I use erasers to create my stamps) covering most of the table – it suddenly hit me.

I forgot.
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I completely forgot.

What did I forget?
Just before my burnout I created a lot of homemade stamps. I found it a wonderfully relaxing activity. It kept my hands and eyes busy, while creating space in my head and heart. When I showed my friends the stamps I created they started asking me if I could teach them how to create these stamps too. So, I bought erasers and more carving tools and other supplies. And…….nothing.

My burnout hit me hard.

And I forgot.

I completely forgot I had planned this.

But now…
the summer has given me new energy
the wonderful group that joined my summer workshop YELLOW inspired me wildly
and I am ready for more
more fun
more play
more action in my studio at the Fort, so

Join me in my studio in Fort Ossenmarkt in Weesp for a stamp making workshop!!!

It’s really easy, everyone can do it.

Go HERE for all the info.
(since the workshop is in the Netherlands, all the info is in Dutch)

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