On forgetting

Last week I was creating a gift for a friend who just had a baby. I bought this awesomely cute bunny and tied a tag around his neck. The tag is stamped with stamps I carved myself. When I was finished I sat at my table for a couple of minutes with a cup of tea. While I looked at all the stamps, carving tools, ink pads and erasers (I use erasers to create my stamps) covering most of the table – it suddenly hit me.

I forgot.
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I completely forgot.

What did I forget?
Just before my burnout I created a lot of homemade stamps. I found it a wonderfully relaxing activity. It kept my hands and eyes busy, while creating space in my head and heart. When I showed my friends the stamps I created they started asking me if I could teach them how to create these stamps too. So, I bought erasers and more carving tools and other supplies. And…….nothing.

My burnout hit me hard.

And I forgot.

I completely forgot I had planned this.

But now…
the summer has given me new energy
the wonderful group that joined my summer workshop YELLOW inspired me wildly
and I am ready for more
more fun
more play
more action in my studio at the Fort, so

Join me in my studio in Fort Ossenmarkt in Weesp for a stamp making workshop!!!

It’s really easy, everyone can do it.

Go HERE for all the info.
(since the workshop is in the Netherlands, all the info is in Dutch)

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I believe in Fortune Cookies

How can I not believe in fortune cookies, when this is the message:

Hoe kan het ook anders, als dit de boodschap is:


But…what? I crochet, knit, paint, glue, draw, sew, collage, I make stamps…… what else is there? :)

Maar ja: WAT? Ik haak, brei, schilder, plak, knip, teken, naai, ik maak collages, ik maak stempels. wat kan ik nog meer doen dan? :)


I made an E-BOOK!

CF Ebook - SLIDER 3

 When I started my first Creative Fitness E-course in 2011, honestly, I never ever imagined there would be a second or a third version, or even this one………. Creative Fitness 10!

And this one is special: it’s an E-BOOK!

Now you don’t have to wait for a new version of the e-course coming out and you don’t have to worry whether Creative Fitness will fit into your life. This time you get to decide where and when you create time for your creative practice, and you can use the exercises and the tips from the book over and over again.

Creative Fitness – THE E-BOOK will be send to you as a PDF-file.


The e-book will contain 60+ pages, offering you 20 inspiring stories and 20 creative exercises. These exercises will invite you to write, draw, think, paint, collage, dream and more. Some exercises can be done at home and some will take you on a tiny adventure.

All exercises are meant to ease you back into a creative flow – so they will all be small, easy and FUN – and you can use them whenever you need inspiration.

If you want, you can use the Creative Fitness E-book the same way the e-course was organized – doing 1 exercise a day for a month (and you have the weekends off) – or you can choose an exercise any time you like.

The e-book will also contain tips on getting started, getting over feeling stuck, doing enough and staying inspired. PLUS: there will be 2 inspirational printable posters.

If you are interested,

please go:


for more information and the sign-up form