Truly Blessed

I am sitting on my couch

with the biggest smile on my face!


I must admit:


I just LOVE coming home,

opening my mail

and finding all these sign-in forms for Creative Fitness.



that’s not the reason why I’m smiling so much.


What I am most happy about is this:


You see, when I started this business I thought that finding new participants was my most important job, reaching out to new people was my main goal.


And don’t get me wrong: off course it’s wonderful beyond description when people I don’t even know find me, are inspired by what I say and show and are curious about what I have to offer. I really want to share the joy of creating with more, more and more people!


I am so, so, SO grateful that such a huge part of the creative woman who take my workshops, are inspired to come back for more. I love following their Creative Process. I love witnessing their searching, struggling and celebrating. And I celebrate with them!


thank you

thank you

thank you!!!!!!!

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Lovely comments

  1. Michelle Casserley says:

    Ah Kim, I return because you are such a wonderful teacher

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