I thought…….


I thought…..

I thought I needed to first:
– finish my new website (yes, almost!!)
– blog about my dreams
– have a workshop planning
– have a PR plan
– know what I am doing
– and
– so
– much
– more

I really thought that.

For a while.

Ha, I was SOOOO wrong!!!!!!

That’s not where the juice is,
that’s not what makes me happy,
and HAPPY and JUICY is where The Dutchess of Orange always starts from

So: here we go – let’s have some fun!

(be warned, this is only PART 1)



Creative Fitness 8 starts on October 10, there are two versions, an English and a Dutch one. The English one costs 30 dollars and the Dutch one 25 euro.

For that you will get 30 days of creative juice, stories and inspiration. You need ABSOLUTELY NO CREATIVE EXPERIENCE for this workshop.

If your in the mood for something fun, this is the workshop for you!

And like I said – the info on the website is not complete yet, so:

Want to join?
Any questions?

Mail me: kim@dutchessoforange.nl


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  1. Woo hoo Kim! This sounds delightful. I could use a little inspiration and playfulness-please let me know details!

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