Creative Fitness 5 and 6 are starting SOON!

This workshop is my favourite, and the next group is starting, soon, really soon, in three days :)

More information here:

Creative Fitness 5 (In Dutch)

Creative Fitness 6 (In English)


Project 101 – Day 60 – 66

Project 101 – Day 59

Project 101 – Day 58

Project 101 – Day 52 – 57

Project 101 – Day 51

Project 101 – Day 50

Project 101 – Day 49

Project 101 – Day 37 – 48

Project 101 – I didn’t stop! – Day 33 – 36

I know I haven’t been posting here for a couple of days, but NO, that doesn’t mean Project 101 stopped or that I stopped painting, it just means I had a couple of lovely days in Antwerp, filled with museums, shopping and walking, lots of walking :).


Below you see day 33 – 36. The paintings of the other days I’ll post in the next few days. One of them is still drying in my studio and I forgot to bring my camera there…..


I love experimenting with different layers and methods of applying paint (brushes, sponges, fingers, stencils, etc), but it is a challenge for my impatient mind. I keep balancing on the edge of sweet and slow and not fast enough. Luckily I have whole days of nothing to do but paint and play :).


Let me know if you wanna join me and come play in my studio!