Project 101 – Day 11 – Gremlin talking

Today I hardly looked at what I was painting. Not that I looked away, but I’m used to taking regular steps back to look at what I did. But this time I just painted. From one brush to another, from I color to another – I kept going, I needed to.

Because whatever I believe, whatever I say about painting, creating and being free…..somewhere in the back of my head there is always a little voice talking. It’s telling me stories about not enough, not good, not loved.

And I feel lucky, for knowing not to listen. I feel lucky for knowing what to do, to silence that voice.

I have to work.

I have to keep moving.

I have to create.

I have to put myself out there.



Full of love.

Creating – no matter what.


Project 101 – Day 10 – Doorway

I have had the most wonderful evening.

It started with being home from work earlier that I expected, a lovely dinner, a plate of paint for project 101 en just when I was finished with that: the doorbell rang and the postman brought a package containing a lovely book about needle felting and a starter kit. Guess what I’ve been doing the rest of the evening……..



I love learning new things, but sometimes I wait a long time to try them, because I’m afraid of starting, That’s why this was so lovely. All the materials, a very simple what-to-do and a free evening.

About the painting you see here: the image has been in my head for days, but I just felt like I was missing something, something just wasn’t ready to be born, it needed some time in the nest.

And then today I came home, opened my email and found this quote in a newsletter. It clicked. I got up, filled my 10th plate of paint – and started.



Project 101 – Day 9

A few quick but happy colors, because today was a busy but happy day.

I’m looking forward to tomorrowevening – time to paint – time to write :)


Project 101 – Day 8

Not a lot of time today for writing, but I did paint!


First – this is what I was busy with:


and then I made: