Project 101 – Day 22 – Waiting

I’ve been sleeping most of the weekend.

Resting, getting ready.

Waiting for the storm to come?

Of waiting for the rainbow?


Project 101 – Day 21 – Rest-Care-Breathe

I was probably the one person in town that didn’t mind it raining all day, is was the perfect excuse to spend the day sleeping, reading, painting, journaling and crocheting.


Just what I needed.


(Maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow :))


Project 101 – Day 20 – TIRED!

Project 101 – Day 19 – Quiet

Project 101 – Day 18 – I am a work of ART



Project 101 – Day 17

There are times when I just don’t know what else to do but paint.

So much going on, so many feelings, so many thoughts.

And dealing with them takes time.

So why not painting while I’m waiting for time to pass.

And have some fun, just for me.


Project 101 – Day 16 – Energy

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the energy coming from this painting?

Well, I know you might not. And that is perfectly logic.

This is my painting.

This is my work.

I did this, so I can see more than just the colors.

I can see the labor.

I can see the process.

I can see the thoughts.

I can see the love.

I can see the juice.


Wanna see that too? Grab a paintbrush!


Are you afraid of the big-bad-white-paper?


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Project 101 – Day 15


I keep wanting to write here. To tell you what i did, and how, and why and to tell you about all the juice that comes with the creating. But I’m a little lost for words and I’m not pressuring myself. These is time. The most important thing here is to keep painting. Yesterday. today and tomorrow.





Project 101 – Day 13 and 14

Yesterday a came back from a lovely dinner, and yes I did paint, but no, I was to tired after that to post.

Today I woke up early and stared painting in my pajama’s.

So today, it’s to posts in one :)


A couple of days ago someone asked me to explain painting-for-process. When I started talking, I noticed I was moving my hands, like there was a paintbrush in it. I wished i had one, because: how can you explain the joy of dipping a brush into a fresh dollop of paint and smearing it out on the paper, without showing it, without letting someone experience it.

The simple act of painting is enough.

The smell, the feel – that’s what I do this for, that’s what makes me whole.


The new version of The ORANGE Revolution – my online painting class will start in the fall. The date isn’t sure yet, but if you’re interested – let me know!


Project 101 – Day 12