Project 101 – Day 32

I gotta tell you, this visual journey of mine is leaving me a little lost for words, but wow, I’m having SO much FUN!!!!!!

Days like today make me wish that I could paint anytime and anywhere: while having dinner, in the shower and sleeping in my bed. I just don’t want to stop, EVER.



Project 101 – Day 31

Can you tell I’m really enjoying this vacation…..?



Project 101 – Day 30


Project 101 – Day 28 and 29

I thought this summer could use some color!


Project 101 – Day 27 – Foggy World / Clear Mind

It feels like I’ve been sitting in the eye of a storm for the last couple of weeks.


The storm has made the world foggy, the future unclear.


But even though I am SO tired and SO ready for a LONG summer vacation, I have a clear mind and my soul is bright and on fire.


I’m still here.


I’m here.


99 Feelings

I absolutely LOVE this!

It is such a wonderful project and she is a fabulous artist. Well, just see for yourself….

Find more here:


Project 101 – Day 26 – The green version of a silver lining





Project 101 – Day 24 and 25

Yesterday as was home a little after midnight, so no time to post a picture here of the painting I made that day. Today however, I had a few lovely hours to spend with a paintbrush in my hand, so here are day 24 en 25:





Project 101 – Day 23 – A little late…..

—–but I had to wait until it was dry overnight, so I could add some more :)