Project 101 – Starting TODAY!

Oke, I gotta admit, this is kind of a scary moment.

And this is an exciting moment.

This is a dream being born into the real world.



This is the start of Project 101.


I’ve been thinking-and-dreaming-and-planning a project like this for months.


And although I’m also starting a whole bunch of other projects – new kidsworkshops and an e-book in the making – not to mention a renovation of my house and a new job in September (this is the point where I fear think most of you will think I’ve gone mad) – I am doing this.


I am doing this:




  • Because I want to.
  • Because I need too.
  • Because I need to create.
  • Because I need to smell the paint.
  • Because I need to see the stains on my fingers.
  • Because I don’t care whether it’s gonna be hard.
  • Because I want to fill my live with juice and joy and art.
  • That’s why.


Today I filled a plate with paint.

And this is what it became.


And I had SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!


See you tomorrow!


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Lovely comments

  1. Oh my Gosh!!! This is so exciting! Looking forward to seeing it unfold 😉

  2. Christine says:


  3. wow, that looks great. good luck on your 101! i’ll come and check back regularly.

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