Project 101 – Day 7 – Step by Step

These are the steps that let to 7 days of paintings


Step 1: an image arises in my head

Step 2: a plate is filled with paint

Step 3:painting

Step 4: a mean little man in the back of my head starts talking

Step 5: breathing in, breathing out

Step 6: keep on painting

Step 7: having FUN


Project 101 – Day 6

Is there anything more wonderful than an afternoon of creating, journaling and painting?

I had so much fun!


Project 101 – Day 5 – So predictable!

I cannot help but laugh.


Laugh, because I am SO predictable.

Because my mind is SO predictable.


I am sitting here on the couch, looking at the half-finished painting on my easel.

And in the back of my head…..(you DO know that voice in the back of your head, don’t you?)…..something or someone says: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?






I feel a knot in my stomach, I get a dry throat,

I want to start finding excuses why I should stop.




And that’s the moment I started to laugh.

Because, well, come on……isn’t this just too silly, too stupid, too much…..CRAP?


What person in their right mind would listen to a voice so negative, so tight, so down, so heavy.

Live should be lighter than that.


I paint because I want to.

Because it is what I love.


It isn’t more complicated than that.

I just paint.


So if you’ll just wait a while……I’m gonna finish my painting :)






Project 101 – Day 4

Sometimes I paint because I have something to say,

sometimes I paint because I can’t find the right words,

sometimes I paint because I have no words.

Like today.


Project 101 – Day 3

A couple of years ago I signed up for a painting class.


The timing was less then perfect – I am a teacher and the course started on the same day as the new school year. I also didn’t know why I had signed up – I had never painted before – but when I found the class I didn’t hesitate for a moment.


And i am sooooooo happy I did!


Not only because painting has brought me joy and friends and so much more, but also because I discovered: I love to paint. I love to squeeze the paint on my plate. I love to start with that first brush stroke. I love the messy hands and the stains on the floor (and the doors, the chairs, well……on everything in my house actually).


That is why I’m doing this project. For me, for joy. Because when life is throwing dirt at me – I throw back paint.


In the depth of winter I finally learned

that there was in me an invincible summer

– Albert Camus –



Project 101 – Day 2 – The Rules

Okay, this is day 2 of project 101 and it’s times to set the rules.

(After all, it cannot be all play and fun, right 😉 ?)


Project 101 – The Rules:

Rule 1

For 101 days I will fill 101 plates with paint and use them to make 101 paintings.

Rule 2

I will post all paintings here – the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly, the happy and the sad ones.

Rule 3

I will wear an apron while painting (believe me, I need this rule, otherwise I will need 101 new pants, shirts, etc).

Rule 4

I will remember that I build my own walls, that I make my own rules, that I walk my own path. I will remember I am free.

And last, but not least: I will not forget:



And after that it is time for the second plate of paint. This time I didn’t use just paint, I added words and papers and love, and then the plate became this:


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Project 101 – Starting TODAY!

Oke, I gotta admit, this is kind of a scary moment.

And this is an exciting moment.

This is a dream being born into the real world.



This is the start of Project 101.


I’ve been thinking-and-dreaming-and-planning a project like this for months.


And although I’m also starting a whole bunch of other projects – new kidsworkshops and an e-book in the making – not to mention a renovation of my house and a new job in September (this is the point where I fear think most of you will think I’ve gone mad) – I am doing this.


I am doing this:




  • Because I want to.
  • Because I need too.
  • Because I need to create.
  • Because I need to smell the paint.
  • Because I need to see the stains on my fingers.
  • Because I don’t care whether it’s gonna be hard.
  • Because I want to fill my live with juice and joy and art.
  • That’s why.


Today I filled a plate with paint.

And this is what it became.


And I had SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!


See you tomorrow!


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Want to join me?

Come paint in my studio, the tea will be HOT and the paint will be ready. Mail me at or call me at 06 – 42 44 85 14 to set a date.





KinderKunstKrant en KinderAtelier

(first of all an apology to my English readers, this next post will be in Dutch, since in concerns the workshops for kids I will be organizing this summer. :)


Deze zomer organiseer ik in het Fort op de Ossenmarkt een hele serie
kinderworkshops in het Kinderatelier.


Elke week kun je in het fort terecht voor een creatieve middag of ochtend.


Hou je van tekenen, knippen,

schilderen en knutselen?

Kom langs in het fort!

Voor alle informatie en het inschrijfformulier klik je HIER.



En, er is nog meer nieuws………


ik begin mijn eigen krant!!!




Vervelen is er niet meer bij deze zomer!


Neem nu een abonnement op Kim’s Knip, Kijk, Kunst- en KnutselKrant.

De KKKK-Krant is een mini-krant vol met KIJK-, DENK- en DOE-opdrachten.

Hou je van tekenen, knippen, plakken, knutselen, verzinnen en fantaseren,

schrijf je dan nu in!


Alle informatie vind je HIER.


NIEUW: Maak je eigen vakantieplakboek



En de laatste workshop:

Op zaterdag 7 juli geef ik een workshop vakantieplakboek maken voor kinderen. We maken een eigen plakboek om vakantieherinneringen in te bewaren: kaartjes, foto’s, bonnetjes, etc, etc.
We beginnen met een bijzondere kaft en we maken heel mooi papier voor de binnenkant.

Meer informatie en het inschrijfformulier vind je HIER.


Overigens: ben je geen kind meer, dan staan er toch nog heel wat leuke workshops op de planning hoor!

Wat dacht je van:


KIJK HIER voor alle info.



En wil je op de hoogte blijven van alle nieuwe workshops en aanbiedingen: schrijf je dan in voor de nieuwsbrief!




I’ve decided today will be wonder-full


and it was.

Full of wonder.

Full of love.

Full of beauty.

Full of strength.


Fearless Woman Walking


I am afraid.


There, i said it.


There is a lumb in my throat, a pain in my stomach and there are tears in my eyes.


So many changes are coming in the next few months.

My house, my job.

None of which are my choice, all of which I have to deal with.


And that means it is time.

It is time to show what I know.

Now is the time to put all the lessons I’ve learned in action.

Now is the time to be FEARLESS.


And no, Fearless does not mean “without fear”.

On the contrary.


It means being afraid – and moving anyway.

Wanting to stop – and keep going anyway.

Wanting to hide and crawl into a corner – and speaking up anyway.


So….that is what I do.