Day One: One Word

First of all:


Very Happy New Year

to all of you!


I’ve started this year in the juiciest way I could thing of: painting and creating :).


I believe in the power of words. In the power of intentions.

Inspired by some lovely blogs I follow i decided to start this year by choosing a word, an intention for this year.

One word as a focus and a starting point.

One word as a solid backbone.

My word for this year is:




SING is a song

and SING is …


SING is about finding your voice



SING is about the way you talk

SING is about the way you dress

SING is about the way you move

SING is about your acts

SING is about your thoughts

SING is about your feelings

SING is about your LIFE



Then I made a new journal. Since the base is an altered book, I spent today ripping out pages (auw!), to make more room inside the cover for the paper, paint and other wonderful things I will be adding to it. For a book-lover like me not an easy task :).

And then: The FUN part.

Adding lots of juicy colour and images,letters and even a tiny bit of glitter.



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Lovely comments

  1. I just love your spirit and your artwork! It is so beautiful. Thank you for taking life head on, and making it juicy.


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