Brightens up my day

Oke, sometimes all the spam I get in my mailbox is anoying…..

but you’ve got to admit, if you actually start reading it, it can sometimes brighten your day!


Look at what I’ve got just today:


Great common sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

Whoever edits and publishes these articles really knows what they’re doing.

Your website has to be the electronic Swiss army knife for this topic.

Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

I have been so bewildered in the past but now it all makes sense!

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everywhere!

Way to go on this essay, helped a ton.

And I was just wondering about that too!


And the best of the lot:

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunshine.

I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatness.


I feel great now :) :) :)



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