Kunstpicknick Huizen 18 juni 2011

Gisteren stond ik op de Kunstpicknick in Huizen (www.kunstpicknick.nl).

De weersvoorspellingen waren niet zo best – ze hadden het zelfs over een “zomerstorm”!

We hadden echter ontzettend veel geluk, bijna de hele middag droog en zelfs regelmatig een zonnetje.

De hele middag zat mijn workshoptafel vol – voor herhaling vatbaar dus!



What I’m working on

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on this painting. It’s not finished yet, but I wanted to show it to you anyway. It started with something inside of me saying: “Now you have it all, and you still dream about flying away…….”. It felt like something was wrong. I had been playing in my studio almost everyday and loving it. But at night I couldn’t sleep and when I slept, I dreamed about leaving.

I finally posted  on Facebook, and was amazed by the responses it got. They all generally said: “Why don’t you? Just fly!”

And somehow, that is opening something new inside of me.

My studio is my dream, but no one said I need to stop dreaming now….