Justifying myself and my art

Starting my own studio is the right thing to do, I know this in my heart. But sometimes sharing this with other people can create responses that are not always easy to deal with, like:


But……..……..do you think what you make is good enough to get people to come to your workshops?


What a strange question.


Yes, I do believe I have something to say.

Something that will mean something to someone.

No, I’m not an art-guru :), but I have a heart worth loving, a soul worth knowing and a voice that has something to say.

My studio is open for people to come and share my path.


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Lovely comments

  1. Barbara says:

    Go Dutchess! Very inspiring- thank you and i believe in you and your path :)

  2. Sometimes people just want to get outside their home to craft. Some just want interaction with other local crafters. We have a website here in the USA http://www.meet up.com that has many groups that do just that. I’m in a few!! Best wishes to your fun place you created for others to come share your passion.

    Leecytx from swapbot

  3. Follow your dreams! Your work is beautiful. You have much to share with people!

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