Playing with homemade stamps

Justifying myself and my art

Starting my own studio is the right thing to do, I know this in my heart. But sometimes sharing this with other people can create responses that are not always easy to deal with, like:


But……..…… you think what you make is good enough to get people to come to your workshops?


What a strange question.


Yes, I do believe I have something to say.

Something that will mean something to someone.

No, I’m not an art-guru :), but I have a heart worth loving, a soul worth knowing and a voice that has something to say.

My studio is open for people to come and share my path.


World of Wisdom

“Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile – initially scared me to death.”

Betty Bender

I am Blessed

Three months ago there was an add in the local newspaper, in the council notifications sector – which I usually don’t read.

But this time I was bored and read it all.

My heart jumped when I read there was a space for rent in the centre of town inside a hundred-and-fifty year old fort.

It’s located in the most beautiful part of Weesp and just perfect for me.

Two months later I had the key.

Two days later I moved in.

Two hours after that I felt like I had come home.


Kickstarting myself


This is it.

It’s about time to get started.

It’s annoying me to death I’m having so much trouble starting this blog .

If I’m not afraid of a BIG white piece of paper, not afraid of a blank canvas and not afraid of an empty journalpage – then why am I so afraid of a new and empty blog? Or am I just telling myself I am, because I think I should be…….

But not any more. It’s time to jump right in.

Right now I’m looking at a painting I made a few weeks ago. Around the painting it says:

When you come to the edge of all things you know,

you must believe one of two things will happen:

there will be something solid for you to stand upon, or.….

you will be taught how to fly.

So let’s start acting to my beliefs!

After all: practice makes perfect.