Creative Fitness E-book

When I started my first Creative Fitness E-course in 2011, honestly, I never ever imagined there would be a second or a third version, or even this one……….
Creative Fitness 10!

And this one is special: it’s an E-BOOK!

Now you don’t have to wait for a new version of the e-course coming out and you don’t have to worry whether Creative Fitness will fit into your life. This time you get to decide where and when you create time for your creative practice, and you can use the exercises and the tips from the book over and over again.

Creative Fitness – THE E-BOOK will be send to you as a PDF-file.

The e-book will contain 60+ pages, offering you 20 inspiring stories and 20 creative exercises. These exercises will invite you to write, draw, think, paint, collage, dream and more. Some exercises can be done at home and some will take you on a tiny adventure.

All exercises are meant to ease you back into a creative flow – so they will all be small, easy and FUN – and you can use them whenever you need inspiration. If you want, you can use the Creative Fitness E-book the same way the e-course was organized – doing 1 exercise a day for a month (and you have the weekends off) – or you can choose an exercise any time you like.

The e-book will also contain tips on getting started, getting over feeling stuck, doing enough and staying inspired.

PLUS: there will be 2 inspirational printable posters.

The e-book will have two versions: Dutch and English.
If you have taken one of my Creative Fitness E-courses you should know that there will be some overlap with this e-book, since it contains the juiciest exercises from 9 series of Creative Fitness.

Price: 15 euro / 20 USD.

You can use the form below to pre-order your copy of the Creative Fitness E-book. After that I will send you a PayPal Payment Request or – if you are in the Netherlands – my IBAN.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them by sending an email to kim (at)


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