Open Studio!

I thought…….


I thought…..

I thought I needed to first:
– finish my new website (yes, almost!!)
– blog about my dreams
– have a workshop planning
– have a PR plan
– know what I am doing
– and
– so
– much
– more

I really thought that.

For a while.

Ha, I was SOOOO wrong!!!!!!

That’s not where the juice is,
that’s not what makes me happy,
and HAPPY and JUICY is where The Dutchess of Orange always starts from

So: here we go – let’s have some fun!

(be warned, this is only PART 1)



Creative Fitness 8 starts on October 10, there are two versions, an English and a Dutch one. The English one costs 30 dollars and the Dutch one 25 euro.

For that you will get 30 days of creative juice, stories and inspiration. You need ABSOLUTELY NO CREATIVE EXPERIENCE for this workshop.

If your in the mood for something fun, this is the workshop for you!

And like I said – the info on the website is not complete yet, so:

Want to join?
Any questions?

Mail me:


21 Secrets – Christmas in July – SALE!


did you know this???????????


21 Secrets


21 art journaling workshops

for beginners and experiences art journalers


and my workshop too – about what to do when you are stuck :)


click on the picture for all the juicy details!

The sale ends august 1!!!






Starting Today!


Starting today my very first online art journaling workshop, as part of my ongoing series of Creative Fitness workshops.

This time I will give you all the information you need to start exercising your journaling muscles :).

I’m giving the workshop both in English and in Dutch.

It’s not too late to join!

21 Secrets 2013 gaat beginnen!!!

And…….I’m in it this year!!!!

And yes, that is great news!
And yes, I do understand that most of you do not (YET!) understand why :).


That’s why:

21 Secrets is an Art Journaling Workshop.
But it’s not just any workshop.

First of all: it is an online workshop.
It’s also a work-in-your-own-pace workshop.
And yes, you really have all the time in the world to do that, because the workshop will begin on April 1, 2013 and it won’t stop untill Januari 1, 2014!

But what do you  get?

21 workshops!

21 different workshops by 21 different art-journaling-artists and teachers.
The workshops are for inspiration-seekers, it doens’t matter of your an experienced journaling or a total beginner.

When you sign up, starting at April 1, you get access to the 21 Secrets Website. All the movies and (downloadable) PDF’s will be there. It’s also the place to share pictures and messages, the place to ask questions and the place to get wildly inspired :).

21 Secrets costs 59 dollar, that’s about 2 euro’s per workshop!

Exited anough to want to join us?

All the other workshops and the sign-up-form van be found here!


And what am I teaching?


Jump in Puddles


Do you jump in puddles?
Do you care if you get your shoes wet?
Do you mind if you get mud splashes on your pants?


And when you journal……..
Does your work make you smile, or even laugh out loud?
Does it make you feel lighter?
Does it make you completely lose track of time?


Or did somewhere along the line your journal become a burden?
Did it become Something Serious?
Do you feel caught up in Expectations, Rules and Judgments – either from yourself or from others?


Stop now, shake off the burden and start playing again!


Journaling not complicated.
Journaling is simple.
It’s connecting your soul with your hands.
It’s using glue and paper to express yourself.
It’s making your heart smile.


Journaling is an adventure, a journey into listening.
What do YOU have to say?


No tension.
No result.
No expectations.


Play as much as you can.
Glue down a picture of a giraffe, draw a snowman in the midst of summer.
Do whatever your soul whispers to you.


Be free.

Jump in Puddles.

BIG Puddles.


Sign up now!

All the other workshops and the sign-up-form van be found here!


And for my Dutch friends: Hulp nodig?
De betaling van de workshop gaat via het betalingssysteem Paypal. Nu weet ik dat Paypal steeds bekender wordt, maar heb je nog geen Paypal – maak je geen zorgen, het is heel makkelijk aan te maken. (echt! Ik kon het ook ;)) Wil je meedoen, maar heb je problemen met het aanmaken van Paypal – mail me dan, dan zoeken we samen een oplossing!


But……………I don’t have a journal ……
NO problem! I have the perfect solution!
On March 1, 2013 a very special edition of my “Creative Fitness” workshop will start: Creative Fitness 7 – The Journaling Edition. All about starting to journal, getting your journaling back on track and starting to play.


(The workshop will be in Dutch (unless enough – at least 5) English speaking people sign up, mail me at kim(at) if you are interested! Dates: March 1 – March 28, Costs: 30 dollar.).


Do you want to explore this “journaling” I keep talking about?


Look here!





Kerstmarkt 2012


Today I’m making Chrismas Crafts with Kids at our local Christmas Fair!

Project 101 – Day 101

This is it.

Day 101.

I must say, I am a little surprised with myself I made it this far. To the end.

101 days.

101 plates of paint.

101 paintings.

Some small, some bigger.

I can tell from looking at them what I was going through.

I can tell what work has been done.

And what work lies ahead.

101 days of painting.

And now?

Off to Sedona.

For more painting :).

My brushes are packed!!!


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