Fearless Sisters


I can’t believe it’s been almost three years now since I started painting and my life started to change.

I cannot tell you how many lovely and fearless woman I have met since then, both online and in real life.

I just want to say how grateful I am to them, for teaching me about love, live and art.




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Isn’t it ironic?

If this isn’t ironic…. I don’t know what is,
I wanted to post this – and now I can’t speak a word – no sound coming out of my mouth, just air.

So – yes, I do have something to say – but not today 😉


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More news coming soon…..




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Too Small?

In the book I’m reading I found the following little story by Anthony de Mello:


After watching television together for thirty years, a man says to his wife:

“Tonight, let’s do something really exciting!”

Immediately she starts having visions about a night into town.

“Fantastic”, she replies. “What shall we do?”

“We could switch chairs……….”


That’s all the man could come up with after 30 years: switching the chairs. And yes, I think the book is right about concluding that this feels very small. A very small desire. The book continues with the following story:


In a small town by the border lives an old man. He has lived in the same house for 50 years.One day – much to the surprice of his environment – he decides to move to the the house next door.

Reporters of the local newspaper come to see him and ask him for his reasons.

The man smiles happy and answers:  “I think it’s the gypsy in me.”


The writer calls this shriveled up desires. Made this way by our self-satisfaction.

But………isn’t that too negative thinking?

Isn’t every step just that: a step?

And doesn’t every walk start with just that: one step?


What if switching chairs makes the first man sit closer to the window?

What if every now and then, during commercials, he starts looking outside?

What if switching chairs is just step one?

Isn’t it sad to think he might not do it, because the step seems too small, to insignificant?


What if the second man answers to his dreams of moving.

What new dreams could he start having?


Maybe we make ourselves smaller than we are sometimes.

A lot smaller.

But let’s not be afraid of small steps.

Even if they seem silly or insignificant.


My first step was to pick up a paintbrush.

Not to paint a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa.

Not to become the new Frida Kahlo.

But to have fun.

To play with color and paint.

To listen and be curious.

To start something new.


Look where it got me!





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NIEUW: The ORANGE Revolution!

Ik zit thuis, op de bank, terwijl ik dit schrijf.

Dus je zou denken dat ik lekker ontspannen zit. Zondagavond, rustig weekend gehad, nog even ontspannen voordat de week weer begint. Maar niets is minder waar.

Ik zit hier te stuiteren, want ………..mijn nieuwe workshop is er!


“The ORANGE Revolution”!


Start: Zondag 18 maart.



En ik kan niet wachten om jullie er over te vertellen.


Kijk hier!


Heb je nog vragen, mail me dan op kim (at) dutchessoforange.nl.

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Day One: One Word

First of all:


Very Happy New Year

to all of you!


I’ve started this year in the juiciest way I could thing of: painting and creating :).


I believe in the power of words. In the power of intentions.

Inspired by some lovely blogs I follow i decided to start this year by choosing a word, an intention for this year.

One word as a focus and a starting point.

One word as a solid backbone.

My word for this year is:




SING is a song

and SING is …


SING is about finding your voice



SING is about the way you talk

SING is about the way you dress

SING is about the way you move

SING is about your acts

SING is about your thoughts

SING is about your feelings

SING is about your LIFE



Then I made a new journal. Since the base is an altered book, I spent today ripping out pages (auw!), to make more room inside the cover for the paper, paint and other wonderful things I will be adding to it. For a book-lover like me not an easy task :).

And then: The FUN part.

Adding lots of juicy colour and images,letters and even a tiny bit of glitter.



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Pure Joy

some days

all I wanna do

is play



play with paint

play with color

get my fingers dirty

or beter yet:



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Show See Share

In oktober I went to Sedona, for a fabulous – life-changing – weekend of painting.


In Sedona I met the wonderfull Shamsi Charlie Pettus. She is a fabulous woman who’s grace and warmth are amazing. And now she has started a new project I want to share with you all. It’s called Show See Share, and it’s kind of like a giant, world-wide Show and Tell.


In Charlies words: “Show See Share seeks to create an open, safe, and non-judgmental space where people can find positive, healing, and fulfilling voices for their stories while witnessing the stories of others, through any and every creative medium available. Ultimately, my dream is that “Show See Share” will be a series of classes and workshops, helping people see their own stories as well as those of others with clarity and compassion.  I hope that as a community we can assist one another both online and in person create and share these stories.”


Want to read more? Read This.

Want to read my story? Find it here: The Dutchess of Orange.




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Kinderkunst in de Kerstvakantie


Sinds de kunstmarkt in Huizen (afgelopen voorjaar) heb ik er al over na zitten denken: eigenlijk zou ik wel heel graag ook creatieve workshops voor kinderen organiseren…..

Overigens niet zo heel vreemd als je weet dat ik al bijna 9 jaar met heel veel plezier kleuterjuf ben :).

Tijdens de markt was het helaas niet zo’n geweldig weer – regenbuien, wind – maar toch heb ik dat eigenlijk niet gemerkt. Ik had het veel te druk met alle kinderen die de hele middag aan mijn tafel zaten. We hebben toen ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) gemaakt en Mini-Zines (kleine boekjes). En omdat dit zo’n geweldige dag was……..

………… zijn er de komende kerstvakantie ook kinderworkshops in het fort!


Je kunt kiezen uit:

1. Kunst in je zak / Kunstpost

Met papier, stempels, stickers en andere versieringen maken we kleine kaartjes (ATC’s) die je kunt weggegeven, ruilen of gewoon lekker zelf houden. Je kunt ook grotere kaarten maken. En wil je ze opsturen? Dan maken we er hele bijzondere enveloppen bij.

Kijk voor meer uitleg over ATC’s op: Kunst in je zak.


2. Prinsessen en Paarden Parade

Van karton, papier, wol, glitter en nog veel meer moois, maken we grote paarden of prinsessen met bewegende armen en benen.


3. Twiedeldie Twiet

Van stevig karton en mooi papier maken we een prachtig vogelhuisje. En natuurlijk hoort er ook een vogeltje bij!


4. Met verf!

Je eigen kunstwerk aan de muur van je kamer? Kom dan schilderen in het fort. We gaan schilderen met acrylverf op een canvasdoek.


Meer informatie en het inschrijfformulier vind je op de workshoppagina.


Tot in de kerstvakantie!


P.S. 1: Bij voldoende belangstelling volgen er meer data. Wil je met een klein groepje (vanaf drie personen) komen, dan kun je ook een eigen afspraak maken.

P.S. 2: Wist je dat je op vrijdagmiddag, zaterdag en zondag ook bij de Dutchess terecht kunt voor kinderfeestjes? Meer informatie via kim (at) dutchessoforange (punt) nl of via 06 – 42 44 85 14.


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Brightens up my day

Oke, sometimes all the spam I get in my mailbox is anoying…..

but you’ve got to admit, if you actually start reading it, it can sometimes brighten your day!


Look at what I’ve got just today:


Great common sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

Whoever edits and publishes these articles really knows what they’re doing.

Your website has to be the electronic Swiss army knife for this topic.

Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

I have been so bewildered in the past but now it all makes sense!

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everywhere!

Way to go on this essay, helped a ton.

And I was just wondering about that too!


And the best of the lot:

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunshine.

I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatness.


I feel great now :) :) :)



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