Project 101 – Day 13 and 14

Yesterday a came back from a lovely dinner, and yes I did paint, but no, I was to tired after that to post.

Today I woke up early and stared painting in my pajama’s.

So today, it’s to posts in one :)


A couple of days ago someone asked me to explain painting-for-process. When I started talking, I noticed I was moving my hands, like there was a paintbrush in it. I wished i had one, because: how can you explain the joy of dipping a brush into a fresh dollop of paint and smearing it out on the paper, without showing it, without letting someone experience it.

The simple act of painting is enough.

The smell, the feel – that’s what I do this for, that’s what makes me whole.


The new version of The ORANGE Revolution – my online painting class will start in the fall. The date isn’t sure yet, but if you’re interested – let me know!


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